Thursday, 29 November 2012

The anger and the shame of being Irish

To say I am angry this morning would be a gross understatement. I am LIVID! I am furious with my so-called representatives that they have the gall to think that women and pregnant women should "wait". I am furious that they are asking us the wait after we have waited more than twenty years already. I am even more annoyed that they were not present for the debating in the Dáil last night and sauntered in at the end to vote. These are politicians who worry about the apathy of the electorate when it comes to voting and then give us last night's performance!

What I saw in the Dáil last night was an exercise in block voting and political points scoring. Labour and Fine Gael are talking about legislating on the Expert Group recommendations AFTER CHRISTMAS. Clare Daly's Bill would have allowed for the basis of legislation to be set in motion now. The objections from April were ironed out and they still voted against it! Passing the Bill wouldn't have made it come into effect straight away but at least it would have gone on to Committee stage. Fine Gael are stalling for time so they can pretend to their conservative members that they tried their hardest to stop whatever legislation they end up introducing. Labour want to try to take the kudos in the new year because they just see this as playing politics. So now we have to 'wait'. Now we have to wait and watch while they play politics with the life of women.

Those one hundred and one politicians that voted to gamble with women's lives should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. People should contact their local representatives to examine their motives. No doubt it's simply a case of towing the party line. I'd like to think that no one would play partisan politics with the health and safety of pregnant women, but it seems to be the case.

    Personal moral decisions should be above commitments to any party. Do we need a political system where people can vote freely or anonymously if they feel a vote is morally questionable, in violation of human rights, or in contradiction to the constitution?

    Most workplaces have stringent health and safety regulations for employees and customers - which are enforced. It seems our healthcare system isn't important enough to warrant the protection of staff (from prosecution) or customers (from pain, health complications, and death). This may seem like hyperbole or a poor comparison, but it is in fact consistent thinking.