Monday, 3 October 2011

My Dad (inspired from a thread on boards)

Have been browsing The Gentleman's Club on boards (bold I know since I am of the XX Variety) about memories of your dad.
Now I am lucky enough to have both parents still living and hopefully will be for a longtime yet, but I was thinking of some favourite memories that I have of my dad.
Some of them I can't remember quite so clearly but I have the photos to prove they happened.
There's a lovely photo tucked away in my parents house of me when I was about two sitting on the kitchen table in a little blue fuzzy all in one babygro (fashionista oh yes!), holding a box of Johnson's Baby Powder (I'm guessing there had been a nappy change just previously and since my sister wasn't born at the time I'm going to have to own up to that one) and my Dad is standing behind me and we both have HUGE, MASSIVE,THE TYPE THAT CAN'T BE FAKED grins on our faces. This is one of the ones that I can't remember being taken but I look like I'm having a ball (probably because I've just had my nappy changed.
Another photo of me and my Dad and he's wearing a sparkly, tinsel, multi-coloured wig and grinning like a cheshire cat. I do remember this one. Dad rarely drank (Christmas and Weddings) and had just come in from a rare night out and my Mam and me did what we always did when Daddy was drunk - thought it was hilariously funny and took photos of him. In this one we had put the wig on him and he was either lauging too much or not sober enough to prevent it. It's looking back at times like that, that I'm always glad that my father was good natured and silly when drunk.
As I came into my late teens and early twenties on the (still rare) occasions that my Dad would come home from the pub I loved the nights we sat up and had our long talks about everything and anything. I really am lucky that I can talk to both my parents about anything and these talks were legendary and usually carried on until my Mam came down and ran us both up to bed.

I remember how proud he was when I finished college and when I did my H.Dip. and how happy he was when I got my first teaching job. He had driven me to lots of interviews and been there for the subsequent rejection letters and was brimming when I finally told him I had got the job.
My recent favourite memory is my Dad walking me up the aisle to Van Morrison's Days Like This, a thoroughly fitting song for my wedding day, hearing the love for me in his speech (behind the slagging of course!) and dancing a father-daughter waltz with him. I am thankful to my Dad for so much and I firmly believe that the reason I have so much respect for myself in relationships is because of the way that my Dad treats my Mam and through that he taught me that I deserve to be treated with love and respect too. 
My Daddy is one in a million and if I live to be a hundred I will never be ashamed to say that I am still a Daddy's Girl.

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