Monday, 3 October 2011


Forgot to add my new favourite recipe to my most recent post but since I've told Linda about the recipe and my blog it's only fair I put it up now (because she'll probably check it tomorrow and she said she had lots of carrots.

Carrot and Lemon

  • Carrots (duh!)
  • Lemons (ditto)
  • Sugar 
  • Water

  1. Put the carrots in a pot, grind the rind of a whole lemon over them.
  2. Juice one or two lemons (enough to cover the carrots)
  3. Add a quarter cupful of water to the juice and a spoon of sugar
  4. Pour over the carrots, place over  a low to medium heat and cook until soft

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  1. I forgot to say above - chop the carrots finely before you put them in the pot